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Binding Agent
Provided Binding Agents are known for their accurate formulation, prolonged storage life and unique adhesive properties. These are available in paste, crystal or liquid form. Dosage of these binders depends on application type.
Whitening Agent
Whitening Agents offered by us are easily soluble in water. These UV protected chemicals have stable properties. Long storage life, high purity level and high dispersion rate in cold water are the key features of these chemicals.
Synthetic Adhesive
Offered Synthetic Adhesives are accessible in liquid form. These have wide applications in furniture making, textile, wood and paper industries. These versatile quality glues are non toxic and these have long storage life.
Dying agents provided by us are suitable for high temperature prone working conditions. These versatile chemicals are used to enhance weaving attributes, to promote colorfast quality and to enhance brightness of textile colors.
Stain Remover
Provided Stain Removers are known for their long shelf life. Fast stain removing process of these chemicals does not produce any adverse effects on fabrics. Being skin friendly, these are anti allergic as well.
Textile Softener
Textile Softeners are used to enhance weaving attributes, wrinkle resistance properties and cutting precision of fabrics. Application of these flake and liquid softening agents has no adverse effect on textile products.
Scouring Agent
Scouring Agents offered by us are known for their long storage life and high effectiveness, These are used to improve various attributes of fabrics without causing any adverse effect on treated textile items.
Finishing Chemical
Finishing Chemicals are widely used in textile arena to enhance fabric attributes like softness of texture and draping quality. Toxin free content and long storage life are the key characteristics of this range of chemicals.