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Binding Agent
Provided Binding Agents are known for their accurate formulation, prolonged storage life and unique adhesive properties. These are available in paste, crystal or liquid form. Dosage of these binders depends on application type.
Silicone Elastomer
Silicone Elastomer is manufactured to serve the purpose of electrical insulation applications due to their high strength of dielectric. Moreover, the resistance of the products against high temperature, UV, as well as to ozone is excellent.
Stiffening Agent
The offered Stiffening Agents are significant due to their unbeatable performance when it comes to sustained-release carriers and also in oredr to minimize sweating as well as bleeding of the oil-wax blends.
Dyeing Defoamer
Dyeing Defoamer are anti foaming agents which are often used interchangeably. These are highly insoluble oils, polydimethylsiloxanes as well as other silicones, stearates, certain alcohols,  and glycols.

 Silicon Softner
Silicon Softner is known for not being easy when it comes to get yellow under high temperature. All among the different kinds of the fabric softeners, these softeners are becoming more and more significant due to their distinct surface properties.
Sequestering Agent

Sequestering Agents are basically the dyeing auxiliaries that are used at the time of dyeing for the removal of the unwanted hardness of water. The chemical compounds which react along with the metal ions in order to form a stable, water-soluble complex.

Whitening Agent
Whitening Agents offered by us are easily soluble in water. These UV protected chemicals have stable properties. Long storage life, high purity level and high dispersion rate in cold water are the key features of these chemicals.
Synthetic Adhesive
Offered Synthetic Adhesives are accessible in liquid form. These have wide applications in furniture making, textile, wood and paper industries. These versatile quality glues are non toxic and these have long storage life.
Anti Static Agent
Anti Static Agents have moisture aka moisturizing characteristics , these have the ability of forming a water film on the even surface of the dielectric and also antistatic agents belonging to such kind tends to include the polysiloxane, polyol amine, glycerol, sorbitol, ethylene glycol, as well as the inorganic salts.
Dyeing Agent
Dying agents provided by us are suitable for high temperature prone working conditions. These versatile chemicals are used to enhance weaving attributes, to promote colorfast quality and to enhance brightness of textile colors.
Paper Adhesive
Paper Adhesives are very easy and quick to dry and also instant ready to be used. Thsi tend sto result into very quick in the production. This tends to display superb bonding features even on being mixed along with the water as well as when applied.
Paint Binder
 Paint Binder tends to impart the characteristics such as durability, flexibility, gloss, as well as the toughness. The binders tend to include the synthetic or even  natural resins like alkyds, vinyl-acrylics, acrylics, vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE), polyurethanes, melamine resins,  polyesters, epoxy, silanes or siloxanes or oils.
Construction Chemicals
Construction chemicals are basically the chemical formulations that are used along with the cement, concrete or even with other construction materials during construction in order to hold the construction material well together.
Acrylic Polymer
Acrylic polymers are concerned group of polymers that are noted for the excellent transparency, and their resistance to the breakage, as well as elasticity. These are most commonly termed as acrylics or polyacrylates.
Stain Remover
Provided Stain Removers are known for their long shelf life. Fast stain removing process of these chemicals does not produce any adverse effects on fabrics. Being skin friendly, these are anti allergic as well.
Textile Softener
Textile Softeners are used to enhance weaving attributes, wrinkle resistance properties and cutting precision of fabrics. Application of these flake and liquid softening agents has no adverse effect on textile products.
Scouring Agent
Scouring Agents offered by us are known for their long storage life and high effectiveness, These are used to improve various attributes of fabrics without causing any adverse effect on treated textile items.
Jet Cleaning Agent
Jet cleaning Agent is basically developed product in order to overcome the problem of the vigorous cleaning of all sorts of Jet Machines post every batch of dyeing. Such combination imparts corrosion to the machinery in the long run henceforth making the machine life durable.
Finishing Chemical
Finishing Chemicals are widely used in textile arena to enhance fabric attributes like softness of texture and draping quality. Toxin free content and long storage life are the key characteristics of this range of chemicals.
Denim Chemicals

Denim Chemicals tend to provide the stiffness as well as hardness to the denim fabrics that makes them durable. The color fastness the chemicals grant is also outstanding and reliable in the long run.